Monday, December 5, 2011

1st month in.

As far as the relationship goes... it's been awkward. Then as soon as we started to feel a touch more comfortable, I came across evidence (most of which was openly displayed - like phone numbers saved in our cordless' phonebook) of him cheating. He swears he didn't actually follow through with all the vulgar and sexual things I read with my own two eyes, but it's really hard to believe considering he lied about everything until I displayed the evidence. Then his tune changed. So, what? How am I supposed to believe a word he says? How am I supposed to believe he didn't have physical relationships with these girls? Regardless if he didn't follow through, he had emotional and mental relationships with these females for the majority of the time he was here. I don't know. I feel like he must have physically cheated (going by what I read) but the only way he will tell me is if I actually walked in on him with his dick in their rotten vaginas.

I just wish he had been a man enough to A: act like a married man and B: if he absolutely couldn't resist all the temptation (that of which he went looking for! one girl he met at a club over an hour away from post) then fucking tell me. He should have told me so I wouldn't have stressed out about getting over here for so long, day in and day out, while taking care of OUR son and juggling my sanity. He should have told me so I could have just stayed stateside.

But here I am, still. I just discovered all these things within this past week, so I have yet to really even collect all of my thoughts to decide what I'm going to do. I feel shattered, broken.. so hurt, so betrayed.. furious!! I can't even look at him the same. And can you ever? Is it ever possible to see someone you dedicated your life to who hurt you so bad, without a care.. for so long.. is it ever possible to see them the same?

Where does a broken heart go from here?
I wish someone could tell me...

Friday, November 25, 2011

I made it!!!

First PCS: Mission accomplished! WOO!!!

After months of paperwork, dealing with packing and shipping things off, etc etc etc... we finally made it to Europe!

First impressions have not been so great, but I'm usually more on the positive side so I'm going to give it a little time before judging too harshly. I've overcome a few difficult moments of homesickness, especially during the holiday festivities... but I am fortunate enough that a wife of another soldier from my hub's company arrived a week before me with her two toddler's AND they live directly across the street! We're pretty much BFF's, and our boys love having each other to kick it with. Winninnnnng. =)

SO, of course I had to arrive right before the Christmas formals.. what to wear, where to shop, all that good stuff is the worry now. Advice, please? One is supposedly semi-formal .....but I really don't want to show up overdressed, and especially not underdressed. What's a girl to do? Help! lol

Anyway.. I've had an eventful night including a trip to the hospital for one of my son's little buddies from across the street. I must post a picture of the staircase of death. Seriously it's a nightmare with clumsy, curious, adventurous toddlers. The hospital was really nice with a badass three story play area for the kids.. however, at the first hospital (the closest) she went to.... the doctor couldn't even figure out how to turn on his flashlight. And the nurses were rocking serious old school style scrubs.. the white fitted dresses, white heels, the little hats. And it appeared to be a home from the outside. Ahhh!!! LOL Weisden's children's clinic was much bigger, nicer, more advanced. I'm glad we know where the hospital is and all but it's unfortunate we had to learn under those circumstances. He's fine, though.. concussion, huge goose egg on his forehead but he's with it and stable.

Anyway, with that being said... time for some rest! I'll be in better touch from here on, though! =)

w/ LOVE♥

Friday, September 30, 2011

What happened to romance!?

Granted, it can be awfully difficult to be romantic when you are miles and an ocean apart... but what's wrong with communicating romantically? With all the ups, downs, & run arounds of marriage... would a cupcake KILL YOU!? LOL =)

I read an article about whether "Romantic Love" opens the door to a happy marriage...

Basically, the author reported that ...nah, not really. lol

The author describes romantic love as some sort of fraud, that young people develop these high expectations (unrealistic and just straight up expecting too much) of Juliet or Romeo and will forever be disappointed, that romantic love is infatuous not truly affectionate, and so on......... Okay, so, choose your mate carefully; open the blinds of that new, romantic love feeling before signing your name on the dotted line. I get that & all... but regardless of what studies are done, what the statistics are -- I say, why the hell not!? WHY NOT have high expectations.. are modern members of this society undeserving of romance; of butterflies & blushing?? As for fraud.. personally, I don't think I should even start on what I consider fraudalent in this country. Of anything, love -romantic or not- is nearly the least at this point. From experience, I feel like infatuation is a step on the staircase of development - infatuation keeps you warm at night until you make it to true affection. &I know everyone has heard it before or felt it at some point after you've been with someone for a while so I say the only thing disappointing when you have made these oh so cautious decisions and strutted it down the aisle, said "I do" & all that good stuff... is the lack of "romantic love" afterwards, &its continued absence as time goes on. (Well, for some, until the "I bagged you years ago,so you're mine" blinds over your eyes are opened.) If you didn't experience "romantic love" at the beginning... well, you may never. For experience sake - WHY NOT, I say. =)

Expecting poetry, love songs & a long walk along the beach, ladies. =) LOL

w/ LOVE♥

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The day after my last post (when I was feeling pretty down & alone..& everything seemed to pull at my heart strings).. my husband called me on Skype & told me he had three things to tell me.
He said,
"1.) I love you.
2.) [use your imagination & insert something inappropriate & perverted here]

(they may be soldiers, look mighty prim and proper in those dress blues... but they are still MEN! lol *shrug* Ladies, we can dress 'em up, but can't take them ANYWHERE! lol)
and 3.) You're coming to Germany!! My new orders are cut, and you two are on them!"

Okay, [insert double front handsprings here], can you say EXCITED!?!?
Suuuuure, I still have to rummage through the storage shed & organize, clean up, get rid of some things... and my car windshield has a pretty crack I have to get fixed before it can be shipped... but that's what yard sales & warranties are for! LOL =)
If everything goes smoothly (Oh please Lord, please please please!! Please go smoothly!! we should definitely be there before October! =D I mean, he already has the keys to our new temporary house!!! I honestly don't know how else to express the enormous level of excitement I'm feeling right, maybe I should just bounce around the house & furiously bang on these keys during the split second I am bouncing past them!? LOL
Yes, I am THAT excited and not a hint ashamed. lol
Thank you for all the positive feedback, words of encouragement & huge amount of moral support from everyone in my life.. including you wonderful, amazing blogger friends! Thank you!!


Friday, September 9, 2011

It's you I miss.

I know there are hundreds & thousands of people who feel like this at times, especially those who are involved in the service somehow. I know this subject has been touched and hit with the hammer numerous times, so why am I even writing about this? Well. I just can't shake this feeling.. like there is a hole in my chest, and I can just barely breathe. I feel sick to my stomach, and have to force myself to eat sometimes. Sleep comes with difficulty.. mostly consisting of lying in bed, thinking of what it once felt like for him to be there. He'd be cracking jokes, doing silly things, he'd climb in bed next to me & no matter how fit and strong and muscular... it always feels so soft & gentle in his arms. My face would be bare with no makeup, my hair a haystack.. and he'd still look me in my eye, and tell me with sincere honesty how truly beautiful I am. Why do we take things for granted so much? I always considered myself a pretty appreciative and grateful person... yet still, I take things and people for granted. I miss him so much, it makes my whole body ache. ♥

Thursday, September 8, 2011

First PCS... still in progress!

WOWWWW... if I don't ever see another piece of paper that has to be notarized & sent off somewhere then wait for more paperwork, over & over, endless cycle... well, I probably wouldn't be married to a soldier. lol However, at this very moment, I am DONE with the paperwork. For now. Everything is in Germany, our packet has been making the rounds & we are only lacking ONE signature to attain command sponsorship. ONE SIGNATURE!! Finally! lol ...........& then of course, more paperwork & etc. lol We should be making travel arrangements, moving arrangements & all that jazz & tap pretty soon! *insert little school girl squeal* (because I am just that freaking excited!) SO, any advice on the whole packing thing? Our belongings have been in storage for, like, ohhh... over a year! lol I want to be as ready as possible, so when they ask what day do you want the movers to show up - I'll say "tomorrow!!" lol Or something sort of like that! =) &Shipment of vehicles......... advice needed! Please =) Well, anyway, the reason I haven't been able to be too involved here on Blogger is because I've been staying with my mom. She bought a new house, & has yet to fit the internet into her budget. =/ I'm housesitting for my grandmother & lucky for you all (because I know you love reading my ohso interesting little ramblings, haha) - she has internet! Score!! =) So for now, I am going to peek around at some of your blogs & see how you are all getting along! Wonderfully, I hope. =) I'll catch up later! =) w/ LOVE♥

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Life has been so out of control lately. So hectic. It's time to grab it by the horns, I suppose. lol ...yeah, I don't know. =)

We are still not in Germany. I've actually been quite the gypsy as of lately, jumping from one family member's extra living quarters to the next. Currently my son and I are in Orlando, staying with my brother. It's been pretty nice, enjoying the weather & there are actually a lot of things to do around here aside from spending hundreds at Disney. That's been kind of a fun task. I'm enjoying finding inexpensive and even FREE things to do with the kiddo. I'd say he's been having quite a ball himself. So, epic win, in my opinion. =)

As far as my relationship with the soldier.. it's been tough. Rocky. Very rocky and at some points it seemed we were hanging off the slippery edge of a cliff. For the past week, we have been working really hard at trying to understand each other's daily struggles, respect what we both do instead of belittling one another, implement simple communication skills, & I think the hardest thing for us to do has been to open our hearts back up to one another after going through a phase where we both felt unloved, uncared for, betrayed.. and so on. So, the opening of the hearts. Yes, quite the task. lol For the record and all. =)

The funny thing is we had an argument Friday, and after he hung up on me while I was finally opening up and communicating how I've been feeling from the deep depths of my little soul.. I felt like he honestly still did not care, didn't care to even pretend or mend anything. After the rude hang-up, I spoke to my cousin (another soldier's spouse) in which during this particular conversation she asked me if I still loved him. I said yes, but it's so hard to be able to even acknowledge that love when the person who is supposed to love you back makes you feel so insignificant. While in the middle of this response, I received a call via Skype ..from Germany, of course. My husband had tried to help break up a fight, and during so caught a bottle of liquor to his face. It shattered. He has 16 or so stitches. When he called, however, it had just happened and ..not to gross anyone out, his face looked like straight lasanga. It is very sad that it took so much to open my eyes, but at that moment I realized the reason I felt nauseas wasn't because his face was that unsightly.. but I still cared about him. I still love him.

Now, I wondered if the reason we were having that conversation was God's way of trying to keep him still and avoid the pain and suffering he's going through. Then I wonder, if him staying and listening would have had the same effect. We never really know what God's plan is for us, or how He intends to get us there. But He does. I just hope that somehow, without such trauma.. my soldier will open his eyes, too.

Marriage is tough. I knew that before I ever said "I Do". I knew that because my parents didn't hang on.. they threw their hands up and moved on. However, a military marriage.. WOW. There is so much more to it. There are so many other factors that come into play! I just worry that.. I'm not meant for this. Any of it.

Now would be an excellent time for the well-seasoned monogamously accelerated to lend some serious advice. From one heart to another, I need to hear it. ♥


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm good at these little disappearing acts, apparently!!

I have SO much to blog about, but I really am so so exhausted at the moment. So I think I will get my thoughts together, get some rest, read up on a few blogs & share some blog comment lovies!! =)

I will honor the blog world with a new post within the next couple days! =) Thanks to everyone who hasn't given up on me & deleted our friendship. lol *HUGS*

With L♥ve.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm alive, I'm alive!

BARELY!!! lol

I am much too tired to type an update at this point, but I just wanted you all to know I am breathing & will post something more substantial very soon! Thanks for not giving up on me, bloggie friends. =) I hope everyone is doing well! ♥

w/ LOVE♥

Friday, March 11, 2011

Overseas, please!

*big sigh*

As this is our first PCS & will be our first time living overseas... I don't think I even need to elaborate on how stressed out I am, how annoyed I am, how confused I am... I am all of the above & more.

The end.


No, really.
Here's the update.
Due to some confusion about the fact that my husband signed & swore in up in Maine but we currently have a Tennessee address... he does not get to do his... oh crap, what's it called? =\ Ya knowwww, when they go back to their recruiter's office & work there for a couple weeks? Lord, help me. lol I can't think of it. You all probably know what I'm talking about.
Anyway, so everyone else he just graduated from AIT with gets to go do that... but my husband instead is getting ready to fly right out. =(
SO, my son & I are being left here for the meantime. My son's passport isn't even here yet & because of him being sick, getting caught up on his vaccinations is being put on hold.
Who knows when we'll get to join the hubby??
&On top of that, my son & I have been staying with my grandmother... who just put her house up for sale because she's getting ready to move!

We're going to be homeless!!!


I know, I know... you're probably thinking:
 "Freakin' amateurs!.."

Yes.. yes we are. lol

However, thanks to a few girls I met via the Forums, who are over in Germany right now. I have received a lot of really good advice, tips, links, etc. I'm really glad I came across these girls... I just wish I had met them sooner! lol I would probably have everything organized at this point & ready to leave with my husband (even though we still wouldn't get to leave the same time anyway).

Did you know that the driving test over there is about 200 questions long?? lol
You can take a practice test online.. go ahead & give it a shot! =)

K, we are getting ready to head back to TN to finish getting belongings situated for the movers. Pray for us! lol

w/ LOVE♥

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sorry I've been MIA...

but the little Boss has been ill! So ill in fact, he's been in the hospital & was actually just released this afternoon!

It's been a long two weeks. It all started with a cough, that quickly turned to congested cough & nose, then with fevers, vomitting, diarrhea, loss of interest in everything, & breathing difficulties. He has been to two doctors & now two hospitals. This last stay was longer, & scarier because he had gotten so bad. =(

Through chest x-rays, blood work, suctioning of mucus from his chest & nose(via a tube shoved down his throat & nostrils - awful to watch & have to hold your kid down for!! BTW!), swabbing of his nose, etc etc... he was diagnosed with RSV & Pneumonia. If you don't know what RSV is & you have kids.. I recommend you look into it because every kid will more than likely have it at least once by the time they're 3. &About 5,000 youngin's die from it every year.
The key is catching it early!

He had to stay under a croup tent for 3 days... which was hard because the tent was very scary to him, as you can imagine. I had to stay under there with him most of the time. He received IV fluids, antibiotics, a steroid for his lungs, breathing treatments every 4 hours, medicine in his bottle for the diaper rash that was caused by the diarrhea that was caused by the antibiotics, plus ointments for his hiney, and so on.

It was really nice to see him finally eat a little bit on Friday. Then Saturday Bubble Boy was freed from his little plastic wrap tent to see if he could make progress without it...

Which he seemed to manage just fine! =) 
We even celebrated Bubble Boy's separation from the "Bubble" with....

Bubbles, of course!!
He liked these bubbles much better! lol =)

We had visitors & had friends & family all over praying for us...which I think made a world of difference. I say this because there were 3 other kids there with the same illness(es) & TJ was the first who was well enough to go home!

So, I have to thank God for all of the people who prayed for us (even people who basically came out of the wood works - people I thought had just forgotten about me, people from high school I haven't spoke to..since high school!!, my biological father's mother who I have never even met, & so on) because with them TJ's name was heard more clearly up there & He responded promptly to answer those prayers! Amazing!! Now, he is not completely healed yet... but he is getting better & I have all the tools necessary to help continue the healing progress.

I just hope that through this blog, perhaps a mother out there reading this or a friend of a mother can become more aware & cautious as well as bring awareness to others of this virus (RSV). As the doctor said, it's a virus there is no vaccine for & it's one that can take a kid from bad to worse reeeally quickly. For example, there was a little girl who died from it last Monday here in the local community. =(
So, mommies... the weather is changing every day & this is the season for flu & RSV & other illnesses alike. Wash your hands always&often, invest in a cool mist humidifier & perch it in your kiddo's room, be aware of the signs & symptoms to look for, & don't ever hesitate to take your child to the ER or doctor if you think something may be wrong... I'd rather feel "stupid" for bringing my kid to the ER for possibly nothing than lose my little everything.

Take care!!
Hopefully a more smiley post is in my near future. =)

w/ LOVE♥

Sunday, February 13, 2011

When the going gets tough...

Kick going's *ss!

Life is not always easy.
Why is my mom addicted to drugs and alcohol? Why did my parents divorce? Why does my son have to live life without ever meeting his grandma? Why does my grandma constantly put me down, day by day by day? Why are people in the world going hungry? Why do people have to suffer from AIDS & cancer? Why do women have to go months trying to become pregnant, & never get the chance to hold a precious bundle of joy of their own? Why do men cheat on their wives & beat them black & blue? Why do people have to live under bridges and in abandoned buildings? Why are children being kidnapped and forced to have sex with strangers for money?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

I don't know why.

Maybe the world would be a better place if good things happened to good people, and bad things happened to bad people. An eye for an eye. Maybe? Maybe then everyone would try to be good & the world would be such a hormonious & happy place. Wouldn't that be great?

All I know is, life is never easy. I recently shared words of encouragement with a fellow bloggette that were bestowed upon me that always helps when hard times hit. Now, right now... I don't feel like I'm struggling with hard times. It's not easy being away from my soldier & taking the sole responsibility for my son day in & day out, living with a cruel & unhappy family member until the big move overseas, looking in the mirror & hating the person that stares back at me, being hours away from family & friends... no, it's not easy. I just know that it could be worse, and it has been worse. So I'm thankful for the strength & grace God has blessed me with to get through these little pot holes. I'll take pot holes over bayous any day!

However, I do know people close to me and people who I follow here on Blogger that are going through some really, really hard times. My heart aches for these people, even those who I barely know anything about or have never met... I just have a big heart. I just care. & I pray. I hope it's helping, because that's all the help it seems I can offer.

Now the words of wisdom that were once shared with me, that I feel every person could benefit from...
What we don't realize during trials & tribulations is that everything we're going through will one day just be a memory.

That's all. Just a memory. We will look back at these days that seem never ending, even if we wish they would just end & stop right there... & we will have grown from those days, we will have become better people, we will be stronger, we will be happier, we will appreciate & be thankful. If you just hang on to your faith and keep a positive mindset {fake it 'til you make it!} - you can get through hell & back!

I don't know about you, but I would much rather have good memories than bad ones. Even if times are hard, you have to use that positive mindset to bold the better aspects of your days so that when you look back, that's all you will see. Any good student knows that only the bold words will be on the test, duh. =) haha jk ... but seriously, don't take study tips from me =) ...& just think about it. Think ahead for a minute & consider how you want to remember these days.

In good cheerleader form, I will shake my poms & I say to you : I'll be cheering for ya! =)

w/ LOVE♥

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome to Europe!

[insert blog title here] <-- So that's what the e-mail said! =)
Until further notice (because this can very well change at any moment, even to the last),
GERMANY - here we come!!

Any blog bff's staying in that region (Grafen....something.. hahaha)?
Tips, advice, comments (besides that I need to learn the actual name of the area.. I already know! =\ I'm working on it! lol) - any & all welcome! =)

w/ LOVE♥

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No more "stinkin' thinkin'"!

It is amazing how simply thinking with a more positive undertone can allow more positivity to shine through in every aspect of your daily life.

I challenge you to smile when you want to frown, look up when you want to look down, praise instead of scold, pray when you want to cave, declutter your vocab (say "I've been better, but I'm good!" instead of "I've had worst days, but I'm okay."). Using positive words and phrases versus negatives can make a difference to yourself and the people you're speaking to.

Sunday before I left post after a weekend of visiting my soldier, we went to the gym. How intimidating it is to hit up a gym when you are out of shape and everyone around you is in excellent shape, let me tell you. But I grabbed a towel, a bottle of water, and jumped that hurdle with grace. He wanted to shoot basketball so he went one way and I surveyed the area until I found a room of machines where there were mostly girls. hahah Girls are less intimidating, some even a little fluffier so yay. =)

I burned cals, sweated, felt tired, pushed even further, sipped on my water, and pushed myself some more. I kept setting mini-goals. First I told myself I'd stop after 5 minutes, then it was the 2 mile mark, then it was 20 minutes, then it was howevermany calories, then before I knew it... I accomplished a whole HOUR of cardio. Are you kidding me? I thought I was too fat and out of shape, but what I realized was I've just been having a terrible case of stinkin' thinkin'!

I will get in shape again. I will be fit. I will be healthy.
I will and I can hardly wait, but I will do that too! =) haha

w/ LOVE♥

Thursday, February 3, 2011

OKAY, something like a post =)

So who is the lamest person ever at sitting back & relaxing?
Oh yes.
It's me, hands down. =)

I dropped the little man off to stay with a few of his fave family members & drove down from Memphis to Bama, before the worst of the weather showed up. Thankfully I got here early enough to visit with my soldier for a little bit before his curfew (...street lights are on, hunnie...hehehe...) & then made it to my room. Now I'm here typing away.

Speaking of my little man... Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts & wishes! I am so grateful that people I've never met in person care enough to take a minute out of their daily life for my son. That's just so sweet! God bless ♥

Oh &he is feeling much better & back to fighting the crimes of the world. One big smile at a time! =)

Real quick before I lay down... the day after my kiddo started feeling better, I was layed out in bed with an achey & weak body, on & off fever, feelings of nausea... & at one point during the day, I felt a sharp, stabbing pain in my left side. I didn't think too much of it at the time because my whole body hurt anyway, but now a couple days later... I'm still having this pain & it's not getting any better. I'm worried that maybe I was right & I am preggo, but perhaps it's an EP? I'm not sure. Has anyone ever experienced an ectopic pregnancy? Or does anyone have any other ideas as to what may be wrong? [insert terrified face here] I'm going to lay down & try to make it through the night without a trip to the ER. I hope to see some sort of doc tomorrow here in Huntsville if it doesn't get better.

w/ LOVE♥

Check her bloggie out!

One of my real life friends started a blog, She's sweet as could be, so please go check her out & follow her if you'd like. =)

K thanks!

Update a little later!

w/ LOVE♥

Monday, January 31, 2011

Bless his little heart...

I took my little man to the hospital in the middle of the night because he was burning up with fever (with no response to motrin or tylenol) & couldn't keep a single thing down. Poor guy!

TJ waiting on the doc with his auntie, teddy & bottle.

He has at least been able to eat a little, drink & keep it down (thanks to the anti-nausea meds) but he is still lacking energy & having fevers on & off. I'm exhausted & I know he feels just cruddy so please pray for him. I would really appreciate it. ♥

I hate it when little people get sick. =(

w/ LOVE♥

Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's BABY fat... there's a difference!

In all my years, I have been petite.
Short & fit.. TNT, baby.


(Don't mind the hair.. sitting on the edge of cliffs in Maine didn't do a whole lot for it!)


Or at least until,
that little stick slapped me across the face with those two pink lines

At 6 months, I grew.

&by 8 months, I grew even more!

& a week before being induced, I REALLY grew!


I have to say I'm thankful for all those gained pants sizes & stretch marks...

because a mug that freakin' cute - so worth it! =)

Now, my son is worth it. Completely & sincerely, with all of my heart that is what I feel. But it is hard carrying extra weight around when you've been slim & fit all of your life. Really hard. I am "out of my element" & feel as though I have just completely lost myself. Who is that girl that stares back at me through the mirror? Hell if I knew, but I can't stand the b*tch.

Even more, I can't stand b*tches who have been over weight all of their life
 & when a thin girl gains weight they just
They eat it up like a twinkie that's just been battered, deep fried & plated with powdered sugar & fudge.
Well, kiss my pretty fat ass.
At least I was skinny & got fat,
you've always been fat.

&By the way, it's BABY FAT, b*tch...
there is a difference!

I am more determined than ever to get back in shape.
Tomorrow - IT'S ON! =)

Thanks to all of my bloggie BFFs for dealing with my vent & pic overload.
I feel much better. =) haha

w/ LOVE♥

Friday, January 28, 2011

So, have I ever mentioned...

that I absolutely LOVE to go out with friends & karaoke it up? I'm so serious, I am a karaoke bar star. hahah Now that I'm a mommy & the soldier has been away & all of that... I karaoke on-line. LOL When I hear myself, I try to do some convincing to NEVER sing in public again... but it's just so much fun. I thought I would share a little something something. BE NICE, comments! =) Kthanks =)

I just made a karaoke recording: Jewel - You Were Meant For Me check it out at

w/ LOVE♥

Etsy Give Away!

My etsy shop hasn't had any sales yet, so to help promote my shop & gain confidence in potential customers, I am having a give away!

I wanted to do something a little silly, so I posted in the Promotion Forum with two ways to win a little happy from my shop. First one being kill the thread! (of course) & the second one being post your funniest "awkwwaaard" moment. I'm so looking forward to the second one. =) hehehe &I'm going to need YOUR help to judge who wins. Hopefully there will be a good turn-out! =)

Anyway, on to other news. I was so looking forward to a relaxing night without my kiddo.. &then just now, his auntie called with a change of plans. She said she'd keep him tomorrow night instead. Oh well, I guess I will just have to take what I can get. lol I'll aim for that real post a little later when my main man is asleep. =)

Take care!

w/ LOVE♥

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Forget about Zumba!

This is my new workout.

Oh boy.

It may benefit that whole TTC thing, tho.....
Just saying. =)
Real post coming soon! =)

w/ LOVE♥

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Isn't distance supposed to make the heart grow fonder??

Or some sh*t like that?

It seems like all my soldier and I have been doing lately is argue, argue, argue. About what? Psh, I don't even remember. I couldn't even tell you.

It's not like we stay mad at each other or anything, but, oh IDK... I think we just miss each other and this is our way of keeping the fire burning. HAHAH Or something of that extent. =)

Good news, however. The soldier put his "wish list" together. I was praying Italy & Greece would be one of the options to wish for... but not this time around. LOL I was so hopeful, too! Oh well! So now it will be a lottery out of : Hawaii, Germany, Alaska, Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina. I really would like for us to be stationed at one of the last three... just because of the whole Trying To Conceive thing(thanks to Radiant Readhead for the nice welcome into the club, btw! haha). It would be nice to be somewhat closer to family and friends so that there is a greater chance that we may have visitors and help and all of that good stuff. =) Even tho I have a feeling if we were stationed in Hawaii they would make more of an effort! ...just saying. =)

Anyway, I'm going to take a few minutes to drop by some of your blogs before heading to bed. Maybe I'll feel motivated enough to comment! Ooooh! =)

w/ LOVE♥

Saturday, January 22, 2011

SO, true story...

My hubby and I are all excited about the idea of a new addition to the fam... regardless of the 9 months of the incredible morphing body, crying for no reason, "does this make me look fat?", yoga pants, A Baby Story, disturbing craving dinner creations (peanut butter & beets, anyone?), "baby, rub my back?", "ow, my feet, rub my...", "I CAN'T GET COMFORTABLE!! *rawr*", etc. Yes, for those who have never expected... I bet you can't wait now! =)

SO, anyway, I went down to Bama to visit the hubby. The first night we got it on like Marvin Gaye, the second night.... was a no go.

 Who invited the bitch with the little ribbon-tied box??


LOL So, I guess I had just gotten a little too excited before... but now that the topic has come up & we realize we both feel the same about baby making, we are tossing out the love gloves! =D

w/ LOVE♥

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shameless Etsy Promotion =)

I have recently opened my own etsy shop which features my paintings & displays some of my new ventures into the world of jewelry making. I'd be just delighted if you would take a moment & visit my shop, maybe share your favs on your facebook or make a purchase - everwhat. =) Keep in mind, it's still very very new & I'm actively working on improvements & more inventory. =)

Do you know what's awful? What's awful is I have a lot of things on my mind, things that I really feel like I just need to pull back & THROW off of my chest... but my husband reads this blog & it would just open a can of worms. *sigh* I need more friends in this area. It's terrible having your best friend away from you, but then on top of that being away from your family & friends... it's basically like being all alone in the world. I need friends who live around here. STAT. =)

The problem is I've never had to try to make friends. How do you try to make new friends in unfamiliar areas? Suggestions or advice anyone?

w/ LOVE♥

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two timing. Ooh yeah.

So a few months ago,
I started two timing.

What I mean by that is I have created a second blog. =)

The other blog is mainly for lyrics, poetry, short stories, fiction, etc etc. All that creative crap. =)

I have yet to publish anything, just a bunch of saved posts.
I want to get this thing organized & ready to go. I'd like to have a few more pieces together before I start posting & sharing the url.

I am here to offer a sneak peak at one of my stories.

"I've never been one to sit around and waste time; always pedal to the metal in fast, foward motion. Some say I'm impatient, others say I'm just plain wreckless. What do I say? Who cares, you are you and I am me. And I like me. The end. So now that you have tasted a little nibble of what I'm all about, it only seems right to stay true to myself and not start with the bullshitting around now.

It all started..."

I'm excited for where my new little project is heading & can't wait to share more with you! =)

Actual post coming soon!
w/ LOVE♥

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A honeybun in the oven?

Are you knocked up check-list :

= Do your OWWW! ...boobs hurt?

= Did you almost BLAAGHGHHHGGHHH lose your lunch at the smell of BLAAAAGHHHHHH... oops, nvm!

= Were you happysadcryinglaughingirritated&ahystericalhotmess all in the past 30 minutes?

= Are you completely drained & *ZzZzZzz.....* just want to sleep for hours &hours & hours?

= Have you missed your GiFT?

So far, 4 out of 5!

This could mean SO SO much adjustments to make in such a short amount of time... but, I'm pretty excited. =)

I know, I know... I shouldn't get too excited, whereas I don't know for certain anyway... but I'm sorry, I just wasn't really excited the first time around & later I realized WHY THE HECK NOT!? LoL &so, I learned from my mistake. I was stressed & a mess the entire 9 months &there was just no reason for it! The situation is much different now on top of it, much better. =)

K, will keep you updated on the status of this potentially fantastic news! =D I have a minute to catch up on my lovely blogirls & see what you all have been typing about! Take care & chat again soon! =)

w/ LOVE ♥

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Anti-Drug, I suppose.

While the hubby is gone,
late at night when I can't sleep...
This is what you will find:
A good glass of wine.
A paint brush.
iTunes on jam.

They may not be anything special,
but I have fun. =)

w/ LOVE ♥

Monday, January 3, 2011

Unbelievable, I know.

So basic training has come & gone.
The funny thing is I thought that I would use this blog to help me get through it all & keep track of funnies from my son & everwhat... but I didn't have time to hardly breathe!! LITERALLY, at one point I actually had pneumonia & was almost hospitalized! haha (Oh & JFF [just for fun], try being sexy while using an inhaler. see: 'impossible' & 'freaking hilarious'.)

After the big graduation ceremony which I almost slept through (too bad I didn't have an iPhone to blame it on... FTR, alarm clocks can be purchased at your neighborhood Wal-Mart for Ohhh IDK, about 5 dollars! *wink*), the hubby & I set off for a road trip get away! We hit up Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Jackson, Vicksburg&then back up to Memphis. It's not like we've never been to those places hundreds of times by now, but it was nice to spend time alone & get a chance to visit friends & family we haven't seen in a while. =) Then we flew up to Maine for Christmas with my family. It was a blast, until we were ready to leave. Oh yes, that was us up there, completely snowed in! For an extra 3 days! Even that part was fun, though.. because at least we weren't stuck at an airport! =D

So we finally made it home, & my hubby had just a couple days to visit with all of his family. By the time he left for AIT yesterday, we were all completely exhausted from all the visiting. &then we got stuck in that wonderful Memphis traffic, & he missed his flight!! LOL No worries, though, Huntsville is only about 3 hours away... so we hopped in the car for one last family trip for the next couple months. =) My son & I made it back around 4 this morning & fought each other for the bed until about noon.

Anyway, I just felt the need to stop neglecting & post something! I will not promise more updates because when I do it will be more like a pleasant surprise rather than a total & complete let-down. ACTUALLY, it may end up being both - who knows. haha =) I hope everyone was as glad to hear from me as I am to be back. =)

Oh, yeah. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! =)


w/ LOVE♥