Friday, September 30, 2011

What happened to romance!?

Granted, it can be awfully difficult to be romantic when you are miles and an ocean apart... but what's wrong with communicating romantically? With all the ups, downs, & run arounds of marriage... would a cupcake KILL YOU!? LOL =)

I read an article about whether "Romantic Love" opens the door to a happy marriage...

Basically, the author reported that ...nah, not really. lol

The author describes romantic love as some sort of fraud, that young people develop these high expectations (unrealistic and just straight up expecting too much) of Juliet or Romeo and will forever be disappointed, that romantic love is infatuous not truly affectionate, and so on......... Okay, so, choose your mate carefully; open the blinds of that new, romantic love feeling before signing your name on the dotted line. I get that & all... but regardless of what studies are done, what the statistics are -- I say, why the hell not!? WHY NOT have high expectations.. are modern members of this society undeserving of romance; of butterflies & blushing?? As for fraud.. personally, I don't think I should even start on what I consider fraudalent in this country. Of anything, love -romantic or not- is nearly the least at this point. From experience, I feel like infatuation is a step on the staircase of development - infatuation keeps you warm at night until you make it to true affection. &I know everyone has heard it before or felt it at some point after you've been with someone for a while so I say the only thing disappointing when you have made these oh so cautious decisions and strutted it down the aisle, said "I do" & all that good stuff... is the lack of "romantic love" afterwards, &its continued absence as time goes on. (Well, for some, until the "I bagged you years ago,so you're mine" blinds over your eyes are opened.) If you didn't experience "romantic love" at the beginning... well, you may never. For experience sake - WHY NOT, I say. =)

Expecting poetry, love songs & a long walk along the beach, ladies. =) LOL

w/ LOVE♥

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