Thursday, September 8, 2011

First PCS... still in progress!

WOWWWW... if I don't ever see another piece of paper that has to be notarized & sent off somewhere then wait for more paperwork, over & over, endless cycle... well, I probably wouldn't be married to a soldier. lol However, at this very moment, I am DONE with the paperwork. For now. Everything is in Germany, our packet has been making the rounds & we are only lacking ONE signature to attain command sponsorship. ONE SIGNATURE!! Finally! lol ...........& then of course, more paperwork & etc. lol We should be making travel arrangements, moving arrangements & all that jazz & tap pretty soon! *insert little school girl squeal* (because I am just that freaking excited!) SO, any advice on the whole packing thing? Our belongings have been in storage for, like, ohhh... over a year! lol I want to be as ready as possible, so when they ask what day do you want the movers to show up - I'll say "tomorrow!!" lol Or something sort of like that! =) &Shipment of vehicles......... advice needed! Please =) Well, anyway, the reason I haven't been able to be too involved here on Blogger is because I've been staying with my mom. She bought a new house, & has yet to fit the internet into her budget. =/ I'm housesitting for my grandmother & lucky for you all (because I know you love reading my ohso interesting little ramblings, haha) - she has internet! Score!! =) So for now, I am going to peek around at some of your blogs & see how you are all getting along! Wonderfully, I hope. =) I'll catch up later! =) w/ LOVE♥


Baby On The Brain said...

I hop eyou can get to Germany fast to be with your man! Why so long?

*BECCA* said...

Thank you!! I hope so, too! It really should not have taken this long, but there are a combination of reasons as to why! For one, when my husband was working on his orders in Alabama --they failed to add his dependents (I.E. my son & myself!!) to his orders so we could have concurrent travel! Also, we had no idea what we were doing & could never get a straight answer or sometimes an answer at all when we tried to find out!! Another, when we did get answers - half of what we were told ended up being incorrect information! *sigh* So frustrating. lol I am excited that we are going to get to experience living in a different country, but at the same time had he been stationed here in the states, we could have just driven where ever to be with him until everything was set up! All in all, this experience has taught us a lot about life in general & about military life specifically! Next time, it will NOT be this difficult! lol (....Or so I hope!)