Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A honeybun in the oven?

Are you knocked up check-list :

= Do your OWWW! ...boobs hurt?

= Did you almost BLAAGHGHHHGGHHH lose your lunch at the smell of BLAAAAGHHHHHH... oops, nvm!

= Were you happysadcryinglaughingirritated&ahystericalhotmess all in the past 30 minutes?

= Are you completely drained & *ZzZzZzz.....* just want to sleep for hours &hours & hours?

= Have you missed your GiFT?

So far, 4 out of 5!

This could mean SO SO much adjustments to make in such a short amount of time... but, I'm pretty excited. =)

I know, I know... I shouldn't get too excited, whereas I don't know for certain anyway... but I'm sorry, I just wasn't really excited the first time around & later I realized WHY THE HECK NOT!? LoL &so, I learned from my mistake. I was stressed & a mess the entire 9 months &there was just no reason for it! The situation is much different now on top of it, much better. =)

K, will keep you updated on the status of this potentially fantastic news! =D I have a minute to catch up on my lovely blogirls & see what you all have been typing about! Take care & chat again soon! =)

w/ LOVE ♥

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Megan B said...

Have we found out the outcome yet!?