Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The day after my last post (when I was feeling pretty down & alone..& everything seemed to pull at my heart strings).. my husband called me on Skype & told me he had three things to tell me.
He said,
"1.) I love you.
2.) [use your imagination & insert something inappropriate & perverted here]

(they may be soldiers, look mighty prim and proper in those dress blues... but they are still MEN! lol *shrug* Ladies, we can dress 'em up, but can't take them ANYWHERE! lol)
and 3.) You're coming to Germany!! My new orders are cut, and you two are on them!"

Okay, [insert double front handsprings here], can you say EXCITED!?!?
Suuuuure, I still have to rummage through the storage shed & organize, clean up, get rid of some things... and my car windshield has a pretty crack I have to get fixed before it can be shipped... but that's what yard sales & warranties are for! LOL =)
If everything goes smoothly (Oh please Lord, please please please!! Please go smoothly!! we should definitely be there before October! =D I mean, he already has the keys to our new temporary house!!! I honestly don't know how else to express the enormous level of excitement I'm feeling right, maybe I should just bounce around the house & furiously bang on these keys during the split second I am bouncing past them!? LOL
Yes, I am THAT excited and not a hint ashamed. lol
Thank you for all the positive feedback, words of encouragement & huge amount of moral support from everyone in my life.. including you wonderful, amazing blogger friends! Thank you!!


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