Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shameless Etsy Promotion =)

I have recently opened my own etsy shop which features my paintings & displays some of my new ventures into the world of jewelry making. I'd be just delighted if you would take a moment & visit my shop, maybe share your favs on your facebook or make a purchase - everwhat. =) Keep in mind, it's still very very new & I'm actively working on improvements & more inventory. =)

Do you know what's awful? What's awful is I have a lot of things on my mind, things that I really feel like I just need to pull back & THROW off of my chest... but my husband reads this blog & it would just open a can of worms. *sigh* I need more friends in this area. It's terrible having your best friend away from you, but then on top of that being away from your family & friends... it's basically like being all alone in the world. I need friends who live around here. STAT. =)

The problem is I've never had to try to make friends. How do you try to make new friends in unfamiliar areas? Suggestions or advice anyone?

w/ LOVE♥


Megan B said...

Im having the same problem Becca. Being away from home and best friends is not something Im used to.

Im not one to just go up to people and say "hi, Im Megan... lets be friends"! Ive also never had to 'work' to make friends, im an outgoing person, but when it comes to being somewhere where I know absolutely NOONE, thats a totally different ballgame!

Best of luck, Ive been here for 7 months now and still havent made a 'girlfriend' to hang out with :(

*BECCA* said...

Aww, I wish we lived closer to each other! LOL I don't know how to go about the friend making either... I used to live around here for a little bit, & made tons of friends in college but a lot of them moved away or are still in "college/party mode" ...whereas I'm now married & have a son. LOL So they 'like' my status' on facebook or text me little forwards here & there but besides that, nothingg. =\

Do you live on post? I was under the impression that there would be so many more opportunities to socialize & make friends on post.. &I was really looking forward to that. lol

Megan B said...

I understand! It usually never gets past facebook.

I do live on post, but dont get out much :( Hubby is an MP and has been working nights and I am on his schedule so we sleep most of the day.

Since he just went back to regular days, maybe it will get easier!

*BECCA* said...

Ohh I see. Yeahh, I don't blame you! I'd be sleeping all day with my man too if that were his arrangement! lol &You're probably right, you'll be getting out & about more so hopefully it will be easier to meet people.. I'm sure there has to be numberrrs of others who are away from their friends & families who are in need of friends also.
Since my hubby is still at AIT & everything I've been brainstorming ideas.. I need to tone up so I'm trying to figure out gym options around here. I always made friends when I went to the gym, but before I was so fit they just flocked to me for advice. LOL So I'm a little apprehensive about all of that. =\ They surely won't be flocking to me for that reason. LOL

Anyway I will keep trying to come up with ideas. You should start a series on your blog! Like...a dating series, but with friends? Ya know? LOL The adventures of an army wife recently relocated trying to make it "in" with new friends?? Something like that, I don't know. But you could try different places & ways to approach people & maybe funny stuff will happen which would be awesome for the blog posts (LOL just saying...). I think a lot of army wives would read those posts, tho. I'm sure there are many who have the same sort of struggle! Just a thought! =)