Thursday, October 7, 2010


I have been lucky enough to receive a text here & there late at night from loverboy. =) YAY!! I know this is temporary, as he is in "reception" & BCT has not really begun yet. Today I received a brief phone call from him to inform me that my mother's copy of our son's birth certificate will not suffice. Therefore I need to apply for an original to get our son enrolled into DEERS. Sooo that will be on my priority list of things to do tomorrow. =) It was just so nice to hear his voice!! =)

Oh & teeny tiny vent of the day - I love people who are kind enough to open their home to you, but no matter how curteous they are of your needs & space - it's not the same as being HOME. At least I am not completely ALONE, however. =) God shines a little light on everything, doesn't He? =)

For the record, real quick, I will actually start updating a little more regularly now after spending half an hour on the phone with AT&T's wireless tech support. =) & of course now I can also facebook, skype, download music, watch movies, etc etc. Who can live without FBing these days, right?? =) hehe

Anyway, just wanted to quickly update while the little man is napping. I got him home from his cousin's kind of late for his nap because there was just too much fun happening, but I'm sure he will be waking up any moment! =)

Take care, ladies! Keep us in prayer, please. It gets harder as it gets later, as many of you probably know. =\

w/ LOVE♥

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome to the Army!

I'm not gonna cry.
I'm not gonna cry.
I'm not gonna cry. =(

Today has been an emotionally exhausting day... however, I still need to take a minute & apologize for being absent here recently! I'm sure I don't even need to explain, because I am positive that you are all wonderfully compassionate enough to understand & will not hold it against me....... right? =) hehe JoOoke! =) There is no doubt in my mind!!
Okay, okay. Here's the deal - I love you all & have missed you dearly ...but I've been trying to spend every single waking moment with my loverboy, my best friend. =)
*sigh* ...& let's just say that saying goodbye today was so bittersweet. Bitter because he is leaving me with a busy little one year old to remember him by & sweet because of how fond our hearts are going to grow for one another. =)
Where is he going? Some of you may be wondering because you are roaming through here aimlessly or perhaps it was never specified, but he is off to BCT (Basic Combat Training) & will be gone for the next 9 weeks. =\
I will be marking the days off on the calendar, waiting with pure excitement for his graduation! =)
By the way, I am hopeful that some of you soldier's wives have some helpful tips or advice for me to stay occupied, something other than staring at my clocks & calendars. I need to stay sane, as well. =) Anything you can offer to me would be much appreciated. =)

As my cousin said to me earlier, "You're in the army now, honey!"

I guess it's ready or not!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Is this a joke? Ashton??

 So this pretentious white-glove wearing nincumpoop came up to the front desk just a few minutes ago to inquire about the history of the Inn. I informed her that it was built in 1887. A few moments later, she asks who owns it. I informed her of who & then she actually asked me... with all seriousness, I kid you not - "Did he build it then? I mean, he's owned it ever since he built it?".

WOMAN, 1887!
What are you??

Tomorrow is my last day. Thank Heavens.

w/ LOVE♥

Monday, September 13, 2010

Name me!

So I was roaming blogger & all of that good stuff... when I came across another cute, interesting blog... unfortunately, of the same name. =( Crap.

I will be re-naming this bloggyblog within the next few days & I am very open to suggestions.

Hook a sister up. =)

Sunday, September 12, 2010


As I sealed the envelope & left my official notice of resignation on my manager's desk... here comes my homie & fellow employee (for the moment) right behind me, dropping hers off too. Setting trends everywhere I go. Yessss! =)

It's a little bittersweet, however. I am excited to start my road trip, sad that my husband will be leaving for basic training but okay knowing this will be the beginning to a better life, sad to leave my family & friends behind, but happy to visit with the family & friends I said goodbye to almost 6 months ago.

I suppose this is just one of the many new beginnings I will be having from here on out, as I am so in love with my (almost there) soldier. =)

w/ LOVE♥

Saturday, September 11, 2010


It is now technically a day late... but I haven't slept yet so it's okay, this counts. I just wanted to take a moment to remember this day & what we went through as a country just those short years ago. I remember my teacher running into the classroom suddenly to turn on the television & watching the news coverage the entire rest of the day. At that age, I didn't understand exactly what all of it meant... but I knew my heart ached for everyone involved. My heart still aches now.

However, I have to say I am so happy to see that so many people remembered the day, the people more deeply impacted than ourselves & took the few minutes out of their day to speak, pray, write, or reflect.

God Bless!

w/ LOVE♥

Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh it feels so good!

Has anyone ever had the distinct pleasure of "sticking it to the man"?

Well, thank you Lord for answered prayers because today was my day!
I've been wrestling with so much at work to try & stick it out through the season for 3 main reasons. 1: For the sake of a good reference. 2: To avoid letting down the bestie who referred me. & 3: Unemployment while I await for the soldier to get his pay started.
I have heard several different reasons rumors as to why or why not I would receive unemployment benefits & so I decided Enough. I'll call & find out myself. LOW & BEHOLD... the only way it seems for me to fight the system to receive benefits in my situation would be if I have to quit my job voluntarily due to a spouse's need of relocation. So, HOLD UP (I say to myself), this whole time the soldier & I have been debating arguing (let's be real) back & forth as to whether or not he should leave out to basic from his hometown (so that he can visit with the family before leaving)... &that's what we really should have planned to do in the first place!? Oh come on!

So, I walked into work today & happily gave my notice. I was like, "Peeeaaace!" - or something similar. =)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Never would have thought...

So you know that person who always appears to get everything that they ever dream & wish for? Apparently I tend to appear to be one of those lucky ones. For example : when I returned to work after having my son, I thought that the smartest thing to do would be to step out of my waitress box & find a job where the paycheck was nice & steady. Anyone who has ever been a server knows very well that anything from the weather to the day of the week can & usually will alter how much money you will make in your tips for the day. So, I applied for a job at a 4 diamond resort style hotel & spa for the front desk representative position. This was the very first application I put out there & whereas I had no experience whatsoever in a hotel I was as excited as a 5 year old at Chuck E. Cheese when I received the "You're hired!" call.

What's funny is I never wasted much thought on the jokes I heard for the first couple of weeks. My fellow employees would say with a small chuckle, "You're still here! That's a good sign!" What I should have realized is that those words were a bad sign. Later on I heard stories of the turnovers they experienced, where people left for their break & never came back. I still tried to leave those stories in the dust... but now, almost 6 months later... now that I have realized I'm doing way much more work for about as much pay a week that I could be making daily in a restaurant, dealing with sleep loss from all the stress, dealing with more drama than MTV's Jersey Shore... now I realize...

I should have been a waitress.

So, moral of the story... be careful what you wish for & to those who are on the "unlucky" side of the spectrum... well gee,wouldn't you know- we're all unlucky! =) haha

w/ LOVE♥

Monday, September 6, 2010

I do!

I was honored with the opportunity to be apart of one of my bff's bridal party for her wedding which we happily celebrated September 4th. Thursday we wasted the day away when we should have been tying up lose ends for the big day. Friday we ran errands from morning until the rehearsal at 4pm. After the rehearsal, we had dinner at Texas Longhorn on mommy of the groom's tab (Let's surf & turf all her worth heheheheee <-that was meant to sound like an evil 'hehe'! FOR THE RECORD. =) ha.). Then we had a cocktail party which mysteriously transitioned into a hotel party all night. The mother of the groom let her hair wayyy down... which gave us something to look forward to at the reception. haha I don't know if it's an unwritten law of some sort, but not many of us on the bride's side can hardly stand the woman. She's a hot mess & a witch to boot. However, as long as she is around, we will keep a tall bottle of tequila around for her.. & that is how to entertain a party, my friends. =)

Thennnn there was the wedding day. We were scrambling & fixing hair, make-up, shoes, hemming dresses, the very last minute before the limo arrived. hahah Some of us may have babies, some of us degrees, some of us new last names but this was nothing new to us. It reminded me of the good ole days, getting ready for school dances, scrambling around before our parents dragged us out. Otherwise we would have missed the whole darn thing. Oops. =)

As the limo approached the brick walkway which lead to the white gazebo, beautifully decorated with flowers...we could all barely contain ourselves. haha I was afraid of tripping, of course, because somehow I had hurt my knee the night before & my dress seemed to grow longer over night. However, we all managed to get out of the limo gracefully... enough. =) The rest of the ceremony was a breeze. Perfect as humanly possible. Then there were a billion pictures, our announcement into the reception, funny toasts, good food, free drinks, dancing, etc. All in all, SUCCESS. =)

& now I can breathe again. =) As well as start saving more money, since these past couple of weeks have completely broke my bank. =\ Oh well. I at least have a few more weeks of work before the hubby leaves for basic. However, he is really wanting to visit his family down south before he leaves & possibly leave from there.. what's a soldier's girl to do? I think the most convenient & sensible thing to do is have him fly down for a visit then come back before leaving. That way I can still work & bring in the dinero while he gets his family visit in. Right? I don't knowww. He & I have some more chatting to do over this subject.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is also having a blessed holiday weekend.  =)

w/ LOVE♥

Monday, August 30, 2010

Proud owner of a ONE year old!

On Tuesday, August 24th, my little guy turned ONE! Woohoo! I feel like this little family has come such a long way & that the ink pen has touched the paper for this next chapter. His birthday was something I was so excited to celebrate! I mean, blowing up balloons & icing a cake is definitely much more fun than what I was doing a year ago. =)

However, I had Friday off instead of his birthday... & not much family is up here - mostly down south, & everyone was so busy...that NO ONE came to my son's birthday party! =( Oh my heart just ached. One of my friends stopped by to drop off a gift, another friend's husband came by to drop off their present... but it wasn't the same as having his little friends & familiar faces to celebrate with. I couldn't believe it. SO, what did we do? WELL, we set up the computer & got family from all over on skype to help us celebrate! We had music going, an inflatable kiddie pool filled with balloons to play in, bubbles to pop, & so on! We did what we always do... make the best of what we have! & between my dad, his girlfriend, brothers & their friends & all of our family on skype... I think he had an excellent birthday! The party lasted for about 6 hours so apparently it was the place to be! =)

However, & I may be reading too much into this, I am feeling very worthless. None of my BEST friends (since middle school, mind you) came to my son's birthday. I feel like I have no friends! &This is an awful feeling. To think no one outside blood relation cares for you. I know, I know.. this is a seasonal work area, therefore summer is very busy.. but I have been stretching myself so thin to attend everyone else's get togethers & functions, why couldn't the gesture be returned? Why is my special occasion less special than theirs? I feel like I give, give, give but with no return. What do you do? Find new friends? & where am I to find them? *sigh*

Oh Lord, please send me a few good friends. This world is apparently short a hand full or two. &I do thank you for the husband who is trying to fill my girl friend's high heels, but he just doesn't seem to look right in them. The effort is still greatly appreciated. Amen.

w/ LOVE♥

Saturday, August 14, 2010

That's so IN!

My cousin's husband has been in the army for years now & I've seen several wall posts on her facebook about Army Wives (the series). SO, I thought I should check it out...ya know, so I could be "IN" with other army wives! haha So, here I am, announcing my new addiction to this drenched in drama Army soap opera! I've watched the entire first season in three days - tops. Three days sounds pretty reasonable at first, until you realize how little free time I have. hahah *shrug* I've reasoned with myself that this will be helpful to me whenever my hubby gets stationed & if we prehaps live on post (I learned that Army's have posts, not bases... see? It is informative!). I also learned that I would probably get kicked out of the on-post housing. It's too strict of living conditions! I have to mow my yard how often!? Uh oh! hehe Oh well, the point is this.. I will raise my hand, call my name, & admit that I have a problem! Just please please don't take away my DVDs for the 2nd season just yet! :D

w/ LOVE♥

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On your mark, get set - GO!

The only way to explain how I feel about my life at this moment is to reminisce about one of my favorite childhood past times. Rolling down hills. :) (What can I say? I'm a Texan! haha) I'm rolling down this huge hill right now, & my head is just spinning so fast that I don't have the slightest idea when I will hit the bottom of this thing but the anticipation & stomach-churning is so fun & exciting that I'm not sure if I even care!

A couple months ago, if God Himself had parted the clouds & told me that this is where my life was taking me, I would've probably looked for Ashton Kutcher. Life has been such a struggle the past few years. I failed out of two colleges, went through numerous troublesome boyfriends, date raped at a party, totalled my car, struggled with drugs & alcohol...then things got a little better for a while. I started on repairing my relationship with God. I started going to church 3 times a week. I enrolled in college, made good grades, tried out & made the cheerleading squad. I met a football player, fell in love. For Christmas, we went on a cruise with my family.. & I found out I was pregnant. I was scared, excited, & ashamed. When I was younger I had dreams of how life would go. I dreamt of graduating college, traveling, getting engaged, working & traveling some more, getting married, then the house, then the kids, etc. I guess I'm just a backwards kind of girl.

In less than a month, my son will be turning a year old. In October, his dad - now my husband (known only by a few select people, the army, &.. you! hehe), will be departing for basic training.

I'm just gonna keep on rolling, I guess. :)

w/ LOVE♥