Saturday, January 22, 2011

SO, true story...

My hubby and I are all excited about the idea of a new addition to the fam... regardless of the 9 months of the incredible morphing body, crying for no reason, "does this make me look fat?", yoga pants, A Baby Story, disturbing craving dinner creations (peanut butter & beets, anyone?), "baby, rub my back?", "ow, my feet, rub my...", "I CAN'T GET COMFORTABLE!! *rawr*", etc. Yes, for those who have never expected... I bet you can't wait now! =)

SO, anyway, I went down to Bama to visit the hubby. The first night we got it on like Marvin Gaye, the second night.... was a no go.

 Who invited the bitch with the little ribbon-tied box??


LOL So, I guess I had just gotten a little too excited before... but now that the topic has come up & we realize we both feel the same about baby making, we are tossing out the love gloves! =D

w/ LOVE♥


No Model Lady said...

Haha! "Love glove" is a new one for me:)

Megan B said...

Well *crap* for Mother Nature showing up the day after you get there!

But YAY for tossing out the love gloves!! Which is a new one for me too! haha love it

*BECCA* said...

LOL!! WELLL I'm sorry that's all I have to offer, but it is a fun phrase.. please share it with others! THE PHRASE..but, hmm, I guess it would be okay to share love gloves? Not like SHARE them but ya know...oh wow, okay, anyway... lol =)

&CRAPPP is right... & tell me why we're sitting there, playing cards on the bed (because he hasn't phased up yet so he can't get passes to leave post), frustrated & disappointed & all of that good stuff.... & then suddenly, out of nowhere, some drunken soldier & his girl must have gotten back to their room (riiiight next to ours) from the bowling alley/bar on post & the WALLS start to literal SHIFT & MOVE & they're moaning & OMG it was just awful. LOL It's one of those laugh or cry moments, but don't know which is more appropriate. Hahaha Ohhh gee.... yeah.... so screw you, mother nature! =) lol

Radiant Readhead said...

welcome to the TTC (trying to conceive) Club! is alot of fun! Hope everything works out ok;-) I will be looking forward to following your blog! Thanks for following mine:-)
Erin (from Journey of Life and Love)

NayM said...

REALLY?@!?!?!?!?!? yayyy!!!