Friday, March 11, 2011

Overseas, please!

*big sigh*

As this is our first PCS & will be our first time living overseas... I don't think I even need to elaborate on how stressed out I am, how annoyed I am, how confused I am... I am all of the above & more.

The end.


No, really.
Here's the update.
Due to some confusion about the fact that my husband signed & swore in up in Maine but we currently have a Tennessee address... he does not get to do his... oh crap, what's it called? =\ Ya knowwww, when they go back to their recruiter's office & work there for a couple weeks? Lord, help me. lol I can't think of it. You all probably know what I'm talking about.
Anyway, so everyone else he just graduated from AIT with gets to go do that... but my husband instead is getting ready to fly right out. =(
SO, my son & I are being left here for the meantime. My son's passport isn't even here yet & because of him being sick, getting caught up on his vaccinations is being put on hold.
Who knows when we'll get to join the hubby??
&On top of that, my son & I have been staying with my grandmother... who just put her house up for sale because she's getting ready to move!

We're going to be homeless!!!


I know, I know... you're probably thinking:
 "Freakin' amateurs!.."

Yes.. yes we are. lol

However, thanks to a few girls I met via the Forums, who are over in Germany right now. I have received a lot of really good advice, tips, links, etc. I'm really glad I came across these girls... I just wish I had met them sooner! lol I would probably have everything organized at this point & ready to leave with my husband (even though we still wouldn't get to leave the same time anyway).

Did you know that the driving test over there is about 200 questions long?? lol
You can take a practice test online.. go ahead & give it a shot! =)

K, we are getting ready to head back to TN to finish getting belongings situated for the movers. Pray for us! lol

w/ LOVE♥

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kirstieJayy said...

hey, im your newest follower!
i understand what you mean about the whole driving test thing!! here in england you have to tests and the actually driving part!
i hope your son is all better now!
im so excited for your move! :0