Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No more "stinkin' thinkin'"!

It is amazing how simply thinking with a more positive undertone can allow more positivity to shine through in every aspect of your daily life.

I challenge you to smile when you want to frown, look up when you want to look down, praise instead of scold, pray when you want to cave, declutter your vocab (say "I've been better, but I'm good!" instead of "I've had worst days, but I'm okay."). Using positive words and phrases versus negatives can make a difference to yourself and the people you're speaking to.

Sunday before I left post after a weekend of visiting my soldier, we went to the gym. How intimidating it is to hit up a gym when you are out of shape and everyone around you is in excellent shape, let me tell you. But I grabbed a towel, a bottle of water, and jumped that hurdle with grace. He wanted to shoot basketball so he went one way and I surveyed the area until I found a room of machines where there were mostly girls. hahah Girls are less intimidating, some even a little fluffier so yay. =)

I burned cals, sweated, felt tired, pushed even further, sipped on my water, and pushed myself some more. I kept setting mini-goals. First I told myself I'd stop after 5 minutes, then it was the 2 mile mark, then it was 20 minutes, then it was howevermany calories, then before I knew it... I accomplished a whole HOUR of cardio. Are you kidding me? I thought I was too fat and out of shape, but what I realized was I've just been having a terrible case of stinkin' thinkin'!

I will get in shape again. I will be fit. I will be healthy.
I will and I can hardly wait, but I will do that too! =) haha

w/ LOVE♥


Chelsea said...

Love the new blog makeover!

*BECCA* said...

Thank you, hun!! A new year called for a little new year revamping! haha I'm happy you noticed & thanks for the compliment! =)

Amber said...

Love this!! Couldn't agree more in the power of positive thinking and just belieiving in yourself and your abilities. I should have remembered this yesterday when I was throwing myself a pity party.

Good luck on getting back into the gym and in shape. You will FEEL so much better!!! :)