Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two timing. Ooh yeah.

So a few months ago,
I started two timing.

What I mean by that is I have created a second blog. =)

The other blog is mainly for lyrics, poetry, short stories, fiction, etc etc. All that creative crap. =)

I have yet to publish anything, just a bunch of saved posts.
I want to get this thing organized & ready to go. I'd like to have a few more pieces together before I start posting & sharing the url.

I am here to offer a sneak peak at one of my stories.

"I've never been one to sit around and waste time; always pedal to the metal in fast, foward motion. Some say I'm impatient, others say I'm just plain wreckless. What do I say? Who cares, you are you and I am me. And I like me. The end. So now that you have tasted a little nibble of what I'm all about, it only seems right to stay true to myself and not start with the bullshitting around now.

It all started..."

I'm excited for where my new little project is heading & can't wait to share more with you! =)

Actual post coming soon!
w/ LOVE♥


Keri said...

I am failing miserably at a second blog. It's something I will need to focus on once I move and have some time to be happily unemployed for a few months.
Great blog..glad I found it.


*BECCA* said...

I am currently unemployed but with my little one, happily is part-time at this point. lol Keeping up with one blog is a task in its own.. but just trying to stay busy until the man of the castle returns!
I really am glad I came across your blog as well! Good stuff =)