Friday, November 25, 2011

I made it!!!

First PCS: Mission accomplished! WOO!!!

After months of paperwork, dealing with packing and shipping things off, etc etc etc... we finally made it to Europe!

First impressions have not been so great, but I'm usually more on the positive side so I'm going to give it a little time before judging too harshly. I've overcome a few difficult moments of homesickness, especially during the holiday festivities... but I am fortunate enough that a wife of another soldier from my hub's company arrived a week before me with her two toddler's AND they live directly across the street! We're pretty much BFF's, and our boys love having each other to kick it with. Winninnnnng. =)

SO, of course I had to arrive right before the Christmas formals.. what to wear, where to shop, all that good stuff is the worry now. Advice, please? One is supposedly semi-formal .....but I really don't want to show up overdressed, and especially not underdressed. What's a girl to do? Help! lol

Anyway.. I've had an eventful night including a trip to the hospital for one of my son's little buddies from across the street. I must post a picture of the staircase of death. Seriously it's a nightmare with clumsy, curious, adventurous toddlers. The hospital was really nice with a badass three story play area for the kids.. however, at the first hospital (the closest) she went to.... the doctor couldn't even figure out how to turn on his flashlight. And the nurses were rocking serious old school style scrubs.. the white fitted dresses, white heels, the little hats. And it appeared to be a home from the outside. Ahhh!!! LOL Weisden's children's clinic was much bigger, nicer, more advanced. I'm glad we know where the hospital is and all but it's unfortunate we had to learn under those circumstances. He's fine, though.. concussion, huge goose egg on his forehead but he's with it and stable.

Anyway, with that being said... time for some rest! I'll be in better touch from here on, though! =)

w/ LOVE♥