Monday, January 3, 2011

Unbelievable, I know.

So basic training has come & gone.
The funny thing is I thought that I would use this blog to help me get through it all & keep track of funnies from my son & everwhat... but I didn't have time to hardly breathe!! LITERALLY, at one point I actually had pneumonia & was almost hospitalized! haha (Oh & JFF [just for fun], try being sexy while using an inhaler. see: 'impossible' & 'freaking hilarious'.)

After the big graduation ceremony which I almost slept through (too bad I didn't have an iPhone to blame it on... FTR, alarm clocks can be purchased at your neighborhood Wal-Mart for Ohhh IDK, about 5 dollars! *wink*), the hubby & I set off for a road trip get away! We hit up Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Jackson, Vicksburg&then back up to Memphis. It's not like we've never been to those places hundreds of times by now, but it was nice to spend time alone & get a chance to visit friends & family we haven't seen in a while. =) Then we flew up to Maine for Christmas with my family. It was a blast, until we were ready to leave. Oh yes, that was us up there, completely snowed in! For an extra 3 days! Even that part was fun, though.. because at least we weren't stuck at an airport! =D

So we finally made it home, & my hubby had just a couple days to visit with all of his family. By the time he left for AIT yesterday, we were all completely exhausted from all the visiting. &then we got stuck in that wonderful Memphis traffic, & he missed his flight!! LOL No worries, though, Huntsville is only about 3 hours away... so we hopped in the car for one last family trip for the next couple months. =) My son & I made it back around 4 this morning & fought each other for the bed until about noon.

Anyway, I just felt the need to stop neglecting & post something! I will not promise more updates because when I do it will be more like a pleasant surprise rather than a total & complete let-down. ACTUALLY, it may end up being both - who knows. haha =) I hope everyone was as glad to hear from me as I am to be back. =)

Oh, yeah. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! =)


w/ LOVE♥

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