Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome to the Army!

I'm not gonna cry.
I'm not gonna cry.
I'm not gonna cry. =(

Today has been an emotionally exhausting day... however, I still need to take a minute & apologize for being absent here recently! I'm sure I don't even need to explain, because I am positive that you are all wonderfully compassionate enough to understand & will not hold it against me....... right? =) hehe JoOoke! =) There is no doubt in my mind!!
Okay, okay. Here's the deal - I love you all & have missed you dearly ...but I've been trying to spend every single waking moment with my loverboy, my best friend. =)
*sigh* ...& let's just say that saying goodbye today was so bittersweet. Bitter because he is leaving me with a busy little one year old to remember him by & sweet because of how fond our hearts are going to grow for one another. =)
Where is he going? Some of you may be wondering because you are roaming through here aimlessly or perhaps it was never specified, but he is off to BCT (Basic Combat Training) & will be gone for the next 9 weeks. =\
I will be marking the days off on the calendar, waiting with pure excitement for his graduation! =)
By the way, I am hopeful that some of you soldier's wives have some helpful tips or advice for me to stay occupied, something other than staring at my clocks & calendars. I need to stay sane, as well. =) Anything you can offer to me would be much appreciated. =)

As my cousin said to me earlier, "You're in the army now, honey!"

I guess it's ready or not!



Canadianbloggergirl said...

Welcome Back!

As a military wife of almost 7 years now I can totally understand how you feel.

When my hubby left for work up training for overseas, it was 8 weeks long. I wasn't a mother at the time, so I worked and kept a high social life.

But since you're a mother, I would suggest to get involved with other military significants (lots of support groups out there) as well as pick up a new hobby!

Remember, you have a life too! Play groups with the kids, and for mommies too!

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Chels said...

I am not even close to being married but I just wanted to say I'll be praying for you!