Monday, August 30, 2010

Proud owner of a ONE year old!

On Tuesday, August 24th, my little guy turned ONE! Woohoo! I feel like this little family has come such a long way & that the ink pen has touched the paper for this next chapter. His birthday was something I was so excited to celebrate! I mean, blowing up balloons & icing a cake is definitely much more fun than what I was doing a year ago. =)

However, I had Friday off instead of his birthday... & not much family is up here - mostly down south, & everyone was so busy...that NO ONE came to my son's birthday party! =( Oh my heart just ached. One of my friends stopped by to drop off a gift, another friend's husband came by to drop off their present... but it wasn't the same as having his little friends & familiar faces to celebrate with. I couldn't believe it. SO, what did we do? WELL, we set up the computer & got family from all over on skype to help us celebrate! We had music going, an inflatable kiddie pool filled with balloons to play in, bubbles to pop, & so on! We did what we always do... make the best of what we have! & between my dad, his girlfriend, brothers & their friends & all of our family on skype... I think he had an excellent birthday! The party lasted for about 6 hours so apparently it was the place to be! =)

However, & I may be reading too much into this, I am feeling very worthless. None of my BEST friends (since middle school, mind you) came to my son's birthday. I feel like I have no friends! &This is an awful feeling. To think no one outside blood relation cares for you. I know, I know.. this is a seasonal work area, therefore summer is very busy.. but I have been stretching myself so thin to attend everyone else's get togethers & functions, why couldn't the gesture be returned? Why is my special occasion less special than theirs? I feel like I give, give, give but with no return. What do you do? Find new friends? & where am I to find them? *sigh*

Oh Lord, please send me a few good friends. This world is apparently short a hand full or two. &I do thank you for the husband who is trying to fill my girl friend's high heels, but he just doesn't seem to look right in them. The effort is still greatly appreciated. Amen.

w/ LOVE♥

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Canadianbloggergirl said...

First off thanks for starting to follow me! Much appreciated. I'm usually not so depressing...but well you'll get my style over time.

First birthdays are sooooo special. I know what you mean by feeling so alone with no friends that "seem" to care.

We live a 29 hr drive away from our family. We knew almost no one for our daughter's first bday. Those that we did know did show up, presentless for the most part.

Your skype idea was a fabulous one. Special moments will have to be celebrated as a family of three off and on throughout your hubby's career. Its hard to get used to, but I promise the ache slowly starts to dullen.(if that is even a word)