Monday, September 6, 2010

I do!

I was honored with the opportunity to be apart of one of my bff's bridal party for her wedding which we happily celebrated September 4th. Thursday we wasted the day away when we should have been tying up lose ends for the big day. Friday we ran errands from morning until the rehearsal at 4pm. After the rehearsal, we had dinner at Texas Longhorn on mommy of the groom's tab (Let's surf & turf all her worth heheheheee <-that was meant to sound like an evil 'hehe'! FOR THE RECORD. =) ha.). Then we had a cocktail party which mysteriously transitioned into a hotel party all night. The mother of the groom let her hair wayyy down... which gave us something to look forward to at the reception. haha I don't know if it's an unwritten law of some sort, but not many of us on the bride's side can hardly stand the woman. She's a hot mess & a witch to boot. However, as long as she is around, we will keep a tall bottle of tequila around for her.. & that is how to entertain a party, my friends. =)

Thennnn there was the wedding day. We were scrambling & fixing hair, make-up, shoes, hemming dresses, the very last minute before the limo arrived. hahah Some of us may have babies, some of us degrees, some of us new last names but this was nothing new to us. It reminded me of the good ole days, getting ready for school dances, scrambling around before our parents dragged us out. Otherwise we would have missed the whole darn thing. Oops. =)

As the limo approached the brick walkway which lead to the white gazebo, beautifully decorated with flowers...we could all barely contain ourselves. haha I was afraid of tripping, of course, because somehow I had hurt my knee the night before & my dress seemed to grow longer over night. However, we all managed to get out of the limo gracefully... enough. =) The rest of the ceremony was a breeze. Perfect as humanly possible. Then there were a billion pictures, our announcement into the reception, funny toasts, good food, free drinks, dancing, etc. All in all, SUCCESS. =)

& now I can breathe again. =) As well as start saving more money, since these past couple of weeks have completely broke my bank. =\ Oh well. I at least have a few more weeks of work before the hubby leaves for basic. However, he is really wanting to visit his family down south before he leaves & possibly leave from there.. what's a soldier's girl to do? I think the most convenient & sensible thing to do is have him fly down for a visit then come back before leaving. That way I can still work & bring in the dinero while he gets his family visit in. Right? I don't knowww. He & I have some more chatting to do over this subject.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is also having a blessed holiday weekend.  =)

w/ LOVE♥

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