Friday, September 17, 2010

Is this a joke? Ashton??

 So this pretentious white-glove wearing nincumpoop came up to the front desk just a few minutes ago to inquire about the history of the Inn. I informed her that it was built in 1887. A few moments later, she asks who owns it. I informed her of who & then she actually asked me... with all seriousness, I kid you not - "Did he build it then? I mean, he's owned it ever since he built it?".

WOMAN, 1887!
What are you??

Tomorrow is my last day. Thank Heavens.

w/ LOVE♥


LindseyLove said...

Hahaha when people ask student questions I have to literally make sure I keep my mouth shut. A) so my I don't say something and B) so my jaw doesn't drop to the floor! IDIOTS! Haha, always a good laugh later though!

Bree said...

It's always fun to laugh at the annoying/stupid comments AFTER the fact; while it's happening, it's agony haha
Working with pools with chemicals for 6 summers, I was asked more silly questions than you can imagine!

Goodnight moon said...

LOL! Some people just don't think do they!

Kayla Sue said...

Oh my goodness... this is funny! And I love that you used the word "nincumpoop" lol!