Thursday, October 7, 2010


I have been lucky enough to receive a text here & there late at night from loverboy. =) YAY!! I know this is temporary, as he is in "reception" & BCT has not really begun yet. Today I received a brief phone call from him to inform me that my mother's copy of our son's birth certificate will not suffice. Therefore I need to apply for an original to get our son enrolled into DEERS. Sooo that will be on my priority list of things to do tomorrow. =) It was just so nice to hear his voice!! =)

Oh & teeny tiny vent of the day - I love people who are kind enough to open their home to you, but no matter how curteous they are of your needs & space - it's not the same as being HOME. At least I am not completely ALONE, however. =) God shines a little light on everything, doesn't He? =)

For the record, real quick, I will actually start updating a little more regularly now after spending half an hour on the phone with AT&T's wireless tech support. =) & of course now I can also facebook, skype, download music, watch movies, etc etc. Who can live without FBing these days, right?? =) hehe

Anyway, just wanted to quickly update while the little man is napping. I got him home from his cousin's kind of late for his nap because there was just too much fun happening, but I'm sure he will be waking up any moment! =)

Take care, ladies! Keep us in prayer, please. It gets harder as it gets later, as many of you probably know. =\

w/ LOVE♥

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Chels said...

I have no idea what you're going through- BUT I am praying for you! Keep updating, I like reading how things are going.. even though we don't even really know each other. haha, hope that's not weird.