Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's BABY fat... there's a difference!

In all my years, I have been petite.
Short & fit.. TNT, baby.


(Don't mind the hair.. sitting on the edge of cliffs in Maine didn't do a whole lot for it!)


Or at least until,
that little stick slapped me across the face with those two pink lines

At 6 months, I grew.

&by 8 months, I grew even more!

& a week before being induced, I REALLY grew!


I have to say I'm thankful for all those gained pants sizes & stretch marks...

because a mug that freakin' cute - so worth it! =)

Now, my son is worth it. Completely & sincerely, with all of my heart that is what I feel. But it is hard carrying extra weight around when you've been slim & fit all of your life. Really hard. I am "out of my element" & feel as though I have just completely lost myself. Who is that girl that stares back at me through the mirror? Hell if I knew, but I can't stand the b*tch.

Even more, I can't stand b*tches who have been over weight all of their life
 & when a thin girl gains weight they just
They eat it up like a twinkie that's just been battered, deep fried & plated with powdered sugar & fudge.
Well, kiss my pretty fat ass.
At least I was skinny & got fat,
you've always been fat.

&By the way, it's BABY FAT, b*tch...
there is a difference!

I am more determined than ever to get back in shape.
Tomorrow - IT'S ON! =)

Thanks to all of my bloggie BFFs for dealing with my vent & pic overload.
I feel much better. =) haha

w/ LOVE♥


Mrs. Sergeant said...

I know exactly what you mean... I hate when fat girls do that and it makes me even more determined to get back to where I was... Nice and thin, tight and toned. So I can stick my tongue out at those heffas. LOL

Sarah said...

Goodluck with everything! I just starting reading your blog, but I can tell you're a very determined person! And yes, I'd say that cutie was definitely worth it!