Friday, September 9, 2011

It's you I miss.

I know there are hundreds & thousands of people who feel like this at times, especially those who are involved in the service somehow. I know this subject has been touched and hit with the hammer numerous times, so why am I even writing about this? Well. I just can't shake this feeling.. like there is a hole in my chest, and I can just barely breathe. I feel sick to my stomach, and have to force myself to eat sometimes. Sleep comes with difficulty.. mostly consisting of lying in bed, thinking of what it once felt like for him to be there. He'd be cracking jokes, doing silly things, he'd climb in bed next to me & no matter how fit and strong and muscular... it always feels so soft & gentle in his arms. My face would be bare with no makeup, my hair a haystack.. and he'd still look me in my eye, and tell me with sincere honesty how truly beautiful I am. Why do we take things for granted so much? I always considered myself a pretty appreciative and grateful person... yet still, I take things and people for granted. I miss him so much, it makes my whole body ache. ♥


Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie, I just can't even imagine how painful it must get at times. Just know that I am so appreciative of your husband's services to our country. Men like him are the true hero's of the United States. May God be with you during these trying times in your life & grant you the peace your heart needs.

*BECCA* said...

Thank you!! Thank you so much! I did have to take a little T.O. (time out) with God & pull it back together. lol Sometimes that's all it takes...&I know God hears our cries and feels our hurt! The next day, after posting this... WE ATTAINED COMMAND SPONSORSHIP!!! =) Thank you for reading this & taking a few minutes to write that comment. It was what I needed to read at the right moment, and I just couldn't be more thankful! SO thank you again! =)

*BECCA* said...
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